Custom Embroidery


Embroidery is a great way to personalize an item for a club, team, or event.

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Creating Your Embroidered Design:

For any custom embroidered job we begin with our designer or digitizer.  Their job is to take your logo or design and convert it into a series of stitches that will be stitched on a garment.


Embroidery Fees:

There are two costs that you need to be aware of when ordering custom embroidery: Setup Cost and Embroidery Cost. Setup cost starts at $70; Embroidery cost starts at $10. See image to the right for an example of our embroidery work.

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Getting your Design to Paddle Tennis Sports:

You can e-mail us your design to or call one of our associates at (7220)530--340 to make arrangements. All formats are acceptable for digitizing, jpg is the most common.


20 Piece Minimum

Large Orders:

Discounts are offered when buying in quantity.
We encourage you to speak with us at (720) 530-0340 if you have any order over 100 pieces.

How long will your embroidery order take?

The process usually takes 7-14 days depending on the method of approval.
Some customers require a stitched sample; others only need to see the electronic version via e-mail. The method of approval you choose greatly affects the time it takes to ship your order.

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Thread Colors:

Personalized logos deserve a wide range of color choice.  Below is a sample thread chart that will assist you in color choice.  Be aware that computers may distort the colors a little. Please allow some variation.


Use this guide to assist your color selection and specification process. This chart is intended as a reference guide only. Most computer monitors will not accurately display colors and should not be used to choose colors where matching is critical. Please be aware, monitors and web browsers sometimes dither colors (automatically make or choose the best match). A range of industry books are available for purchase from most artist supply shops, and is an essential requirement for any form of printing, graphic or design work.

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