Northern Lake George Paddle

— One of the newest businesses in town will provide a lifestyle sport for all ages as well as giving back to the youth of the community.

Northern Lake George Paddle, located next to Eddie’s Restaurant between Ticonderoga and Hague, will host a Family Fun Day event from 9 to 11 a.m., opening to the public to offer free instruction and play with Patty Hogan, six-time national champion and member of the APTA Platform Tennis Hall of Fame.

“I’ve been in the profession for almost 30 years as a teaching professional and playing tennis and platform tennis,” Hogan said. “I really was looking for an adult sport that I could go play and have fun. I am a big proponent of sports and play for kids and adults.”


Two paddle, or platform, tennis courts have been created on the site. The sport is played on a smaller court than regular tennis, but also allows for the use of side fences in placing shots.

“Points can go on for several minutes at a time,” Hogan said. “You need to be thinking ahead and strategy comes into play.”

Along with her honors on the court, Hogan has helped run the junior national championships for the past 10 years and has coached 27 junior national champions.

Northern Lake George Paddle has been set up to help support local youth organizations, pairing with the Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance.

“We were thinking about something that we could give to this community,” Hogan said. “I am donating my time to make this work. My years as one of the first year-round teaching professionals and through all I have accomplished in the sport it gives me the ability to give back to the community. We have committed our business profits to helping the youth programs in Ticonderoga.”

Hogan and others helped to create the new platform tennis courts as part of a community build.

“Scott Hearburg, Rick Bartlett and Doug Ross were real champions for this,” Hogan said. “I had reached out to Scott and told him my plans, and he said I should just go out and get it done. ProBuild and Matt Armstrong also helped out a lot. The community build saved us a lot of money that we can now put toward youth programs.”

The organization has received several donations to help fund the build as well, including Paul and Jane Ingrey.

The property, owned by Dave and Beth Iuliano, was leased to Hogan for $1 a year, adding to the profits which will be put toward the youth programs.

“It’s great because the first time I met Dave, he asked what paddle tennis was and I told him its the sport that will be played next door to the restaurant some day,” Hogan said.

Hogan said the courts would be open to members of the after school program through Silver Bay YMCA and Ticonderoga Central School.

She also helped to start Platform for Life, a junior leadership, job training and mentoring program with the help of Andrea McDonald of College for Every Student, along with a Platform for Life summer program for youth up to age 13.

Northern Lake George Paddle will offer year-round memberships, as the two courts will be lighted and heated in the winter months, which will start at $175 for individuals.

“These are going to be the cheapest membership fees in the country,” Hogan said. “We will also offer installment plans for members.”

People will also be able to play on the courts for a donation, suggested at $10. It will also be open for larger groups.

“We will be available for things like family reunions and birthday parties,” Hogan said. “We will run the facility through the memberships and donations, which people can pay as they go.”

For more information on Northern Lake George Paddle, visit the website, email, or call Eddie’s Restaurant at 585-7030.

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