Discovering Platform Tennis- Part 1

Growing up, I went to High School in Convent Station NewJersey. I took the train to school from Short Hills station everyday. As I waited for the train each morning, I would stare across the street and wonder what those "mini tennis courts" were. My college days revolved around sports; field hockey, intramural "Banshee" softball and volleyball. As the years went on, so did marriage and kids, but my craving for sports never stopped. My husband and I enjoyed staying active by playing golf and tennis and eventually joined Mendham Golf and Tennis Club, in Mendham, New Jersey. When we signed up for golf and tennis membership they offered us the opportunity to join "platform tennis" as well. We heard it was a fun, social, winter sport " sort of like tennis" so we signed up! My first time on the paddle court was so much fun I couldn't wait to go back. Our Club had a women's paddle team that was in the NJWPTL ( New Jersey Women's Platform Tennis League) that I quickly joined. Mendham had three teams, and I was on the bottom court of the weakest team. That didn't matter! I wanted to learn the sport and getter better fast! One of my first away matches was at The Racquets Club in Short Hills, New Jersey. Yes, believe it or not, I found myself playing Platform Tennis ( or as we say, "paddle tennis") on those very courts I used to stare at from the train station in my high school years. Now, I understood what those mini tennis courts were all about and how much fun this sport really is. Coming Soon: Discovering Platform Tennis - Part 2

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